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New York Business Brokers

Sale of Bowling Alley

Mr. Davis telephoned me about whether or not I would sell my bowling alley. I set up an appointment with him to discuss this. I signed Mr. Davis’s listing contract on a Friday at about: am in the morning. Mr. Davis (Harrison) said he would get right to work on the sale for the price on the contract $650,000.00. The next Monday morning, Harrison showed up at my office and said he had sold the bowling alley. I was pleasantly surprised at this, but he said sold it for more than the listing price. Harrison produced a contract for the price of $675,000.00. The deal went through. I cannot say enough good things about how Harrison handled this transaction.

Robert B. (CPA)

Purchase of Drug Store Business With the Building & Lot at the Same Time

Mr. Davis phoned me at the pharmacy and asked if I wanted to sell the business. I told him yes, my wife and I have been thing about it. We met Mr. Davis (Harrison) and signed the listing contract for the drug store business and the building and lot. Harrison came by quite a few times with different prospects. Finally, a Registered Pharmacist prospect came in. He asked a lot of questions. He bought the business and real estate. My wife and I closed the transaction. Harrison got us our price and handled all the details in a professional manner. The prices were $240,000.00 for the drug store and $215,000.00 for the building and lot.

George P. (Registered Pharmacist)

Purchase of Beer Drive-through

Harrison telephoned me at the drive-through & asked me if I would consider selling the business. I said yes, I would consider it. Harrison said he had been driving in the area & saw my place. He made a purchase of 1 case of Coca-Cola and 1 case of Sprite. I met with Mr. Davis. We discussed the price and I signed Mr. Davis’s listing contract at a price we both thought might succeed. During the next several weeks, Mr. Davis (Harrison) brought by several prospects. After about 6 or 7 weeks, a new prospect showed up, asked a lot of questions and left with Harrison. The next morning, Harrison came by and produced a contract to purchase the drive-through at a good price. I sold the drive-through. Harrison worked very hard, showed it to a lot of people and handled all the details and meetings with lawyers and the closing very efficiently. $172,000.00.

Albert R. (Business owner)

Purchase of Hallmark Card Shop

I used to own a Hallmark Card Shop in a neighborhood shopping center. Harrison telephoned me at the shop; “Would I sell the shop?” he asked. I said yes, I might consider it. My sister was ill and I needed to spend time with her. I developed a price by researching prices for card shops in this area. Harrison came over, studied my financial statements and balance sheets and the price I had in mind. We both compromised a little bit; I signed his listing contract and he said he would get back to work on it. Over about the next 6 or 7 weeks, Harrison produced 4 or 5 prospects for the card shop. About 2 weeks went by and Harrison showed up with a purchase contract very near the original asking price. I signed the contract; I had sold the business. The price was $155,250.00. Harrison did everything, from gathering up all the financial statements I had made plus what the accountant had done, plus a copy of my lease and had telephoned the landlord to see if he would go along with a new tenant? He said he would take a new owner of the business as his tenant for the store. Harrison handled all of the meetings, the closing, the filing of documents, the leasing details with the landlord, everything. Very professional. And, he was very discrete in marketing my store since I never heard back from anybody that I was selling the store.

Anne P. (Former business owner)

Sale of Fitness Center & Shop

My Brother Alan and I had tinkered with the idea of opening a fitness center or shop until we saw Mr. Davis’s advertisement in the newspaper for a fitness center business. We called Mir. Davis, It is actually “Harrison”, who gave us an address at a Burger King Restaurant. We met Harrison who asked us a lot of questions before he handed over what he calls “selling sheets”. He said he was “qualifying” us! About a week later we made arrangements with Harrison to physically inspect the premises (store) in person. It looked good, so we put in an offer &andgave Harrison a good-faith deposit-on-the-purchase check of $10,000.00. Harrison got our offer accepted. We had bought a business. Without going through several years of losses after opening up a fitness center from scratch. Harrison is fantastic; he handled all aspects of what a Business Broker does and he did it well.

Paul P. (Fitness Center Buyer & Investor)

Sale of Fitness Center & Shop

Harrison, the Business Broker, telephoned my wife and me and asked if we would consider selling our fitness center which was very popular with the people in the area. We said we were considering moving to Florida for my health and yes, we would consider an offer for the store. We signed Harrison’s listing contract right on the spot. Soon, two (2) brothers walked in with Harrison. We knew right then that they were serious prospects. Two (2) days later, Harrison came in the shop with a purchase contract and a check for $10,000.00 as a deposit. After some wise words for our Business Broker like; “If you sell your equipment, which was extensive and costly when new at auction, you might get 15 cents on the dollar for. These two (2) men are paying full price.” We signed that contract right away. We had sold the store. Harrison was terrific, he kept us informed, brought several prospects. We would use Harrison again! By the way, the center sold for $175,000.00.

Javier G. (Happily retired in Florida)

Sale of IT Business

18 years ago, I and my partner opened up a small IT business in his garage. We targeted B2B business that had a steady and reliable income stream for many consecutive years. We offered network assessments, IT support services, complete computer network maintenance, managed stability in your IT budget (which is still very popular with our customers), routinely and often giving our customers how safe they are at any given time, offering remote tools to resolve issues proactively, 24/7 service desk support. We grew from two (2) people to 38 people over the years. Our revenue also grew from $36,132.65 in the first year to about $17,500,000.00 per year. Mr. Davis (Harrison) called us on the telephone and said he could sell the business. My partner Sam and I met Harrison. We immediately liked him & trusted him. He said this could be done very quietly. Harrison spent 3 weeks gathering every scrap of information about our finances, our outlook for the future, our competition, our preferred geographical area (where we could be most helpful for our customers) that he and one of his Marketing Vice-Presidents, Bill O. could get together. They were very thorough. Earlier, we had signed his listing contract; they said, over and over, that it would be done very quietly. They left the office. In about 5 or 6 weeks, they came back with a detailed and complete offer to purchase which was within the 5% of our asking price. They said this guy does not like to “negotiate the price” and that we had better take this deal. We took it and closed the transaction with a very wealthy individual who owns several similar and related-businesses companies. We sold it for $6,575,000.00. Harrison and Bill O. delivered everything they said they would. They were fantastic Business Brokers and M&A people. I predicted they would move right up the ladder and they have.

Daniel R. (Boca Raton, Florida)

Sale of Screw Machine Shop (Large)

In 1982, my brother Samuel R. and started a screw machine shop. We started with just the two (2) of us. The first couple of years were very lean. Then, by some miracle, we got a very large order and had to hire about 10-12 experienced people. Our business took off; we got more large orders after we fulfilled that first large order to the customer’s satisfaction. We grew to 76 people and grossed about $26,650,000.00. To make a long story short, Harrison called me and asked if we would listen to an all-cash offer. I said: “Hell, yes!” I signed their contract and he & his Marketing Vice-President Jeffrey P. said they would get right to work on this sale. They never said this but I think they put an ad in The Wall Street Journal. They were very quietly selling our business. Harrison and Jeffrey P. gathered up every scrap of information they could on our company including all of our financial statements, our outlook for the future, our competitors, everything. In about 7 weeks, Harrison and Jeffrey P. brought in an attractive offer. After some negotiating with the buyer, we agreed to sell the business for $11,135,000.00. Harrison did a good and capable job for us, handling all aspects of the transaction until everything was ready to close. We closed on a Sunday at the shop when no employees were there.

August R. & Samuel R. (Palm Spring, CA)